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Monica Tiffany grew up right here in McGregor Iowa and Paul Tiffany grew up in southeast Iowa. The two met in October of 2004 while Paul was working in the area and I guess you could say it was love at first sight because they married in July of 2005 and have been working together ever since.

Paul and Monica’s goal with their products, videos, and classes is to help the customer discover the “I can do it” attitude within themselves.

McGregor Mercantile

It seems in the 15 years they have been together they have tried it all. A strong background in home construction, remodeling and decorating combined with a love for agriculture and rural life led them to open a paint and decorating store in McGregor, IA in 2016.

They are now strongly focused on fusing their small store in McGregor with their farmstead. With the stubborn attitude “Why buy it when we can make it” they remodeled a foreclosed property in McGregor and turned it into their store and classroom. They also built the home on their farmstead from scratch.

The Tiffany & Weller logo represents two individual people who inspire each other to continue to build a unique business. Traditionally a wife takes the husband's last name and her maiden name may be all but forgotten. Choosing the brand name Tiffany & Weller allowed Monica & Paul to acknowledge their individual talents and also to say thank you to the Weller family. Both Monica’s parents, Morris and Sandy Weller have tirelessly helped run the store, stepping in to help on busy days or in classes, running errands, helping with events and even watching the store dogs! In addition, Terry & Susan Weller has worked many years to preserve the family farm settled by Monica’s great grandfather in the late 1800’s. Paul and Monica now have the privilege of being tenants of that farm. A dream come true!



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